Thursday – 9am-8pm


Athletic Therapist / Massage Therapist / Kinesiologist

Anson Ly, CAT(C), RMT, R.Kin.

Anson Ly graduated from University of Western Ontario with his Bachelors of Kinesiology, and Sheridan College with his Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Athletic Therapy. Anson is a practicing athletic therapist, registered massage therapist and registered kinesiologist.

Along with clinic, Anson works many field events involving local and university teams such as hockey, rugby, swimming, and soccer. He also has “major games” experience including Nationals, PanAms, and Olympic Trials.

Anson takes an active approach to treatment, with a focus on hands-on manual therapy and individualized exercise programs to help you return to your everyday function – whether that’s the everyday desk jockey or the elite athlete.